How It Works

Working methods of DB Sourcing

DB Sourcing uses a specific and clear workflow. Through years of experience and optimization, we’ve arrived at a workflow that ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction. We’ll walk you through our workflow in the step-by-step plan below:

1. Specification to your requirements

We always begin with a thorough appraisal of your requirements, either at your office or by phone or Skype. Together we will go through all the details and specifications of the processes required. Our work is assisted with illustrations and samples, and we make sure that all areas are covered. 

2. Selecting the most appropriate factory

When all project details are fully clarified, we decide on the most suitable factory. This process is carried out meticulously. We discuss the exact specifications in detail with the factory concerned. 

3. Quotation

We will provide you with an offer based on your requirements and specifications, and on the information obtained from our factory.

4. Sampling

If you agree with our quotation and place the order, our factory will produce a sample of the product, which you will have ample time to examine.

5. Start of production

If you are satisfied with the sample, production will begin. This is fully monitored by DB Sourcing to ensure that everything proceeds according to the original specifications and to the schedule which has been agreed. 

6. Quality control

There are extensive quality controls both during the production process and prior to shipment. 

7. Shipping

After production, we take complete responsibility for the handling and transportation of the finished product from the factory to your warehouse.