About DB Sourcing

DB Sourcing takes your worries away

DB Sourcing specializes in the complete sourcing process of industrial production. We undertake the entire production process of metal products, metal parts and semi-finished products from Poland and China. Because we produce in those countries, we’re able to offer these industrial products at very attractive rates. 

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DB Sourcing takes charge of your project right from the moment a sketch or sample is created

We then, ensure that the order delivered is perfect and made of high quality. We literally take care of everything involved, for you. This is made possible, thanks to our extensive network of suppliers in Eastern Europe and Asia. Our factories carry out our production processes from start to finish:

Our Office

DB Sourcing is headquartered in Poland. This has huge advantages as our factories are very close and we are in total control of the whole process. We also have factories in Asia with a view to further diversification possibilities. For each project, we are able to assess which location is most suitable for the production of your product. In our experience, we realize that each sourcing requirement has different needs:

Type of production process

Required quantities




Lead time

Thanks to our large network of factories in several countries, we are able to provide our clients with the best service and quality

This totally eliminates any effort and stress that clients would otherwise experience. With DB Sourcing, you no longer have to deal with issues such as: 

Linguistic and cultural barriers 

Various currencies 

Multiple carriers and modes of transport 

Convoluted import procedures 

DB Sourcing handles all of this so that you don’t have to. We literally do everything from start to finish, and in the process we save both time and money. We’re always happy to help!