DB Sourcing

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DB Sourcing specializes in the complete sourcing process of industrial production. We undertake the entire production process of metal products, metal parts and semi-finished products from Eastern Europe and Asia.

DB Sourcing does all of this for you. We literally do everything from start to finish while at the same time saving you considerable time and cost. We’re always happy to help!  

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DB Sourcing produces a large number of products. This is made possible by cooperating with many factories abroad, thereby allowing us to undertake a wide range of production processes across a number of specializations. This enables us to work with clients from a variety of industries. 

Lost Wax Casting Liquid Iron


Milling machining center, CNC turning center metal processing machine


Lost Wax Casting Liquid Iron


Quality is DB Sourcing’s top priority. Despite lower production costs, the quality of our materials is still
of paramount importance. How do we do this?

How it works