Powder coating 

Powder coating of metal is a process of dyeing, in which negatively charged powder is applied to a metal surface using a spray gun. The powder adheres to the surface. Once this is done, the coated object is then enamelled in an oven, where the powder liquefies and settles. This creates a durable, impact-resistant and wear-resistant coating that shields the underlying material from external damage. This coating lasts for many years, making it a very durable option. 

Wet Painting 

Wet painting is a process in which one or more layers of paint are applied to the material. This form of paint spraying can be applied to a large number of different materials. This wet painting technique creates functional coatings, such as fire-resistant and heat-resistant coatings. It also provides a very smooth and even finish. However, the coating is less strong than powder coating and provides less protection against external influences. The advantage is that possible scratches and damages are easy to touch-up. 


During pre-treatment, the surface is prepared for the coating process. Sandblasting or the use of pre-treatment chemicals are a few possible options. Due to these pre-treatment processes, unevenness of the material is prevented and the coating adheres better. It ensures a neat finish of the coating and also increases the life span of the coating and the product. Pre-treatment is essential in order to deliver a high-quality product.